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Cultural Communities Network

Hubs in the heart of Leicestershire Communities!

The Leicestershire Cultural Communities Network will support community cultural bodies e.g. Community Managed Libraries (CMLs) and Independent Museums to set up bespoke and targeted activities. These will aim to:

  • Increase social interaction for people who do not have as much social contact as they would like
  • Promote well-being
  • Support people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, share and learn together
  • Be community led
  • Support the sustainability of the CML network across Leicestershire.

If you are a community cultural body and would like to find out how to become part of this then please click here. To apply for a CCN grant  click here.

Featured projects

Telephone Family History

When lockdown #3 hit in January 2021 we immediately looked at how we could support those people who were particularly isolated, lonely and cut off from their communities.  Zoom based...

Find out more about 'Telephone Family History'

Zoom into Family History

Zoom into Family History came into being as we went into a third national lockdown in January 2021. How could we keep our communities connected and alleviate the isolation that...

Find out more about 'Zoom into Family History'

Musical Bin Dippers

The Musical Bin Dippers project at South Wigston was formed in response to the need in the area for activities for parents and young children. The team wanted to tie...

Find out more about 'Musical Bin Dippers'

Glen Hills Together

As a volunteer team, we have stepped forward to set up the ‘Glen Hills Together’ project to help make our community stronger. We plan to do this by bringing people...

Find out more about 'Glen Hills Together'

Brookfields – Great Glen

Our project in Great Glen is aimed at supporting the wellbeing of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism who live at Brookfields. Our plan is to increase participants’ sense of...

Find out more about 'Brookfields – Great Glen'

DoYouSeeWhatISee? South Wigston

In our Do You See What I See? South Wigston sessions we have been exploring our Christmas heritage. It’s our taster for a bigger heritage project in the New Year. We have...

Find out more about 'DoYouSeeWhatISee? South Wigston'

Self-Care Sessions

Our Community Managed Library Volunteers have been amazing through this turbulent year and we felt we wanted to provide them with as much support as possible in continued recognition of...

Find out more about 'Self-Care Sessions'

Foxton Museum

Coming soon… We are delighted to be working with Foxton museum to create an exhibition and interpret the museum through films from the local community. “The ability to make continuous...

Find out more about 'Foxton Museum'

South Wigston Playgroup

Following the success of the Bin Dippers project at South Wigston’s Menphys Hub, we could see there was a huge desire and need in the community for a long term,...

Find out more about 'South Wigston Playgroup'